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It’s been a while…April 2010

Our little Emmy Bug is turning two in a few weeks, and it has been more than 3 months since I last posted anything.  The months have been busy and filled with changes in Emily.  She has tons of personality and an opinion about everything!

Things are always busy around here these days, and Em is always learning something new.  Even simple things like brushing teeth can be a photo op around here!

We have celebrated a few holidays, which are excellent excuses to take some pictures.  Here are some from Valentine’s Day and St. Patty’s Day.

And one last picture here of Em putting on my shoes…one of her favorite activities.  I could have never imagined that I would have a little girl that liked to put on makeup with her mommy and dress up in her clothes but I love watching her do it! Precious:)

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Happy Holidays-December 2009

The holidays were pretty wild at our house this year.  Don’t worry, Em didn’t light the house on fire, but she got pretty close!  We learned to not stand so close to the menorah after this:)  Well, the holidays have come and gone and a good time was had by all.  We had a fun family dinner for Chanukah, and lit the candles every night.  We had a beautiful fresh tree, that filled the house with a lovely scent.  Em definitely got the best of both worlds for her second holiday season ever!

We stayed in Denver this year, deciding a trip south to Albuquerque would be to long for Em (and for us!)  We missed our families, but did enjoy having Christmas morning at our house.  We slept in, lingered over opening our gifts, and enjoyed a breakfast of homemade french toast.  Emily absolutely loved her gift from Santa, a little baby doll to cuddle!

It has been a while since I have posted…so I will just add a couple of cute pics of Em for you all to enjoy.

Hope your holiday season was spectacular and happy 2010 to you all!

Opening a gift on Christmas Eve.


With Daddy at a cookie decorating party at school. 

Cuddling with Daddy and her new “Bun-nah-ney” from Grandpa and Mamoe.

Post present unwrapping!

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Halloween!-October 31st


Even though I had a lot of trouble capturing a picture of Emily smiling…she had a wonderful Halloween!  On Friday, she showed off her beautiful butterfly costume at the Halloween party in my fourth grade classroom, and was the hit of the festivities.  Even though we had almost two feet of snow a couple of days before (and 2 snow days at school!) most of it had melted by Halloween.  Saturday was absolutely gorgeous and we went to our close friends, The Oldweilers, for some fun trick-or-treating.  Emily had a blast being pulled in a wagon with her friend Corey.  She toddled up to a number of houses, and tried to best to say “Trick-or-treat”  This was a little complicated for an 18 month  old. Next year, no problem. She actually tried to give most of the treat givers HER candy…and ended the night feasting on 3 whole peanut M&M’s!!  We shall see if we can keep the candy eating next year, to this much of a minimum:)

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Pumpkin Patch-October 17


We stumbled all around the pumpkin patch this past weekend.  It was a super nice day, especially for mid October in Colorado.  Chris always has to find the perfect pumpkin (or 5) and we have made it a family tradition to search for them in the pumpkin patch at Rock Creek Farms.  It was rough walking for Em, so we didn’t spend our usual hour searching.   


Instead Em and I explored some other areas while TC searched and searched!


Chris found a couple of really nice pumpkins and we headed over to the kids area.  They have farm animals, a haystack maze, face painting, and a jumpy castle.  Em loved the animals and ran around crazy inside the maze.  It was so cute to see her little head bobbing around, she was just a tiny bit taller than the maze.


Then she saw some kids that had climbed up on top of the hay…and of course she had to try that too! 


We grabbed some yummy pumpkin bread and headed home.  We shall see how the carving goes!!

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Family Pictures-August 23

We had a photographer come to the house in late August to get some pictures of Emily in a more natural setting then a studio.  They turned out amazing! Here are a few choice shots.  We got about a hundred more:)z058



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Hey I’m a kid! 17 months-Sept.


My little baby is turning into a little kid! Emily has so much personality it is impossible to capture it all on the blog:) Here she is as a spectator at a friend’s soccer game.  Of course she needed her sunglasses, snack, and hoodie to enjoy the lovely fall day.  Being Em, we couldn’t keep her in the stroller for long.  She loves to be out and about!


Later that weekend we had a nice brunch with the Oldweilers and Aunt Jen taught me all about doing Emily’s hair.  It is almost long enough that I have to start doing something with it! Yikes!!


Quite the character, our little Em! Oh and here is the cutest new thing she does…says “I love you!” That just makes my day:)

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The zoo…one year later!-August 29th


When Em was about 4 months old we went for our first family trip to the zoo with our friends, The Sheltons.  Today, almost one year later, we finally got the chance to make another family trip!  What a difference a year makes:)


Last year we pushed Emily in the stroller, trying to help her sit up and see.  Then she took a nap.  Today we couldn’t keep her still.  She wanted to be out and about checking out all the animals.  She walked around, snack in hand, checking out all the animals.  She loved the big cats (Meow! Meow!) and the the elephants.  She also loved following the peacocks that roam the zoo.


And of course she absolutely LOVED the ice cream break (More!More!) What child of mine wouldn’t?!


Since Grammy Ballon got us a family membership to the zoo for my birthday we will get many more chances to make family trips to the zoo.  After all…they are open everyday of the year!

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16 Months-August 18th


As summer nears its end Emily turns 16 months old and our monthly celebration passed us by!  While I was busy with back to school meetings, testing, and preparations poor little Em came down with croup.  She had a couple of days home with dad and even one day with Aunt Kak (THANK YOU!!) and needless to say we didn’t get a chance to snap any pictures.  So I am posting some ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics instead.  The one above is from this past weekend on our way home from a last chance trip to the pool.  It was a little chilly but we wanted to make sure we got in a little time before fall blew in. The one below is of Emily enjoying her indoor slide, which I purchased for the upcoming winter months.  I am sure we will have (too) many hours inside to play and I wanted to make sure to keep Em happy and busy! 


She says ‘Slide! Slide!’ and runs over to play on it. 


Em recovered quickly from her croup and we had the opportunity to have some photos taken of her and the whole family.  Look for a future post with those pictures!

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15 months-July 18th


My little baby is slowly turning into a big girl! She is getting so tall and very independent.  This summer is flying by and I am afraid I will blink and she will be 18.  2009_0719July15months20090088

Emily is so curious and is always exploring her surroundings.  Here she had found her way around to the front of the house and discovered the open garage door.  I never realized how many dangerous things we have in there and quickly swept her away from there.  We moved on to the front porch and well….2009_0719July15months20090091

mmmmmm dirt! Gotta love her!  Back to the safety of the water table!

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Summer at ‘The Bay’-July 18th


Once June gloom passed us by summer finally came to Colorado.  We have been trying to make the most of the warm weather by heading outdoors as much as possible.  We have been enjoying spending many mornings at a small water park near our house.  It is called “The Broomfield Bay”  They have a small kids area, a zero depth entry pool, and a couple of slides.  It is super low key and usually not too crowded.  Em is a little apprehensive of some of it and usually enjoys spending most of her time hanging out in the shallow end of the pool.  I enjoy this too! Pretty mellow.


Chris on the other hand loves going down the slides.  He discovered that he could take Emily down on his lap.  This is her new favorite part of the park. 


The last time we went she kept on asking for ‘more’ when they got down to the bottom.  I think they went down about 10 times. 


So much for chillin’ with mom on the edge of the pool.  Emily is all action!  Thank goodness for daddies!

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