Posted by: petranek | July 24, 2009

Summer at ‘The Bay’-July 18th


Once June gloom passed us by summer finally came to Colorado.  We have been trying to make the most of the warm weather by heading outdoors as much as possible.  We have been enjoying spending many mornings at a small water park near our house.  It is called “The Broomfield Bay”  They have a small kids area, a zero depth entry pool, and a couple of slides.  It is super low key and usually not too crowded.  Em is a little apprehensive of some of it and usually enjoys spending most of her time hanging out in the shallow end of the pool.  I enjoy this too! Pretty mellow.


Chris on the other hand loves going down the slides.  He discovered that he could take Emily down on his lap.  This is her new favorite part of the park. 


The last time we went she kept on asking for ‘more’ when they got down to the bottom.  I think they went down about 10 times. 


So much for chillin’ with mom on the edge of the pool.  Emily is all action!  Thank goodness for daddies!



  1. Emily is quite the dare-devil! She is very brave to go down such a big slide at her age! Grammy

  2. Emily is sooooo cute! Hope you’re having a great summer! Write back. See you @ school!!!!!

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