Posted by: petranek | August 30, 2009

16 Months-August 18th


As summer nears its end Emily turns 16 months old and our monthly celebration passed us by!  While I was busy with back to school meetings, testing, and preparations poor little Em came down with croup.  She had a couple of days home with dad and even one day with Aunt Kak (THANK YOU!!) and needless to say we didn’t get a chance to snap any pictures.  So I am posting some ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics instead.  The one above is from this past weekend on our way home from a last chance trip to the pool.  It was a little chilly but we wanted to make sure we got in a little time before fall blew in. The one below is of Emily enjoying her indoor slide, which I purchased for the upcoming winter months.  I am sure we will have (too) many hours inside to play and I wanted to make sure to keep Em happy and busy! 


She says ‘Slide! Slide!’ and runs over to play on it. 


Em recovered quickly from her croup and we had the opportunity to have some photos taken of her and the whole family.  Look for a future post with those pictures!



  1. I guess the croup does run in the family! Molly was a crouper too. Of course, croupers are the nicest people….

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