Posted by: petranek | August 30, 2009

The zoo…one year later!-August 29th


When Em was about 4 months old we went for our first family trip to the zoo with our friends, The Sheltons.  Today, almost one year later, we finally got the chance to make another family trip!  What a difference a year makes:)


Last year we pushed Emily in the stroller, trying to help her sit up and see.  Then she took a nap.  Today we couldn’t keep her still.  She wanted to be out and about checking out all the animals.  She walked around, snack in hand, checking out all the animals.  She loved the big cats (Meow! Meow!) and the the elephants.  She also loved following the peacocks that roam the zoo.


And of course she absolutely LOVED the ice cream break (More!More!) What child of mine wouldn’t?!


Since Grammy Ballon got us a family membership to the zoo for my birthday we will get many more chances to make family trips to the zoo.  After all…they are open everyday of the year!



  1. Oh my gosh! Look at that sweet face! It is truly amazing what a difference a year makes! 🙂

  2. What wonderful pictures. That cute little mischievious smile on that adorable face. I never thought anyone could be as cute a little Emily. Perhaps I’m a little biased……

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