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Independance Day-July 4th, 2009


We got a chance to visit some family down in Las Vegas, NM for the holiday this summer.  We stayed about a half an hour outside of town in a little mountain community.  Vegas always has a downtown parade the morning of the 4th, so we all headed into town for the festivities. 


Emily and I shared a yummy breakfast burrito made by a vendor at the plaza before the parade started. 


Emily, her Mamoe, and her Aunt went in search for a better spot to view the parade.  They found a great spot! 


Em enjoyed the parade.  There were horses, fire engines, “Miss Las Vegas” kids, baseball teams, people running for office, and even a very festive PFLAG float! They gave out popsicles, water bottles, tiny flags, and gum (for grandpa). 


A fun time was had by all!  Happy fourth everyone!!

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Go go go!!!-July 2009

Emily took her time learning to walk, but now she has really gotten the hang of it!  She is all over the place.  She moves so much it is hard to get a good picture of her these days!


It is near to impossible to get a pictures of Emily and me.  We really tried:)



Just not happening!  We are going to take some family photos at the end of July…wish us luck!

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14 months old-Emily says…June 18th


Wow! Emily is 14 months old! She is a wild woman these days. I think the above picture almost captures her love of constantly being in motion.  Even though she basically just mastered walking, she has been talking for a while and since people keep on asking about her words I thought I would post a story about a basic day around here and what Em would say about all of it:)  Quick cute picture before I start….2009_0618Junetwo20090027

So here goes! Em wakes up in the morning and asks for her ‘milk’.  Then we play around for a bit with her ‘dog’ until it is time to ‘eat'(she signs this word).  Em loves food, just like her ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ and always asks for ‘more’ ‘please’ (please, is a sign also). Em still has a bad habit of throwing her sippy cup, ‘uh-oh’.  If she could have her choice she would always get ‘apple sauce’ (although this one sounds like awbee sow, right Sam?) for dessert.  When she is ‘all done’ with breakfast she runs to the back door to play ‘outside’.  We sometimes run errands, and see friends for a play date, always saying ‘hi’ to everyone!!  I have to make sure not to forget the ‘snacks’.  That would be really bad.  Then we head home for lunch and nap, ‘bye-bye guys’!  After nap time we play around the house a bit, Em still LOVES to climb the stairs and sometimes I tell her ‘no’.  But she just tells me ‘yeah’  ‘I go’ and keeps climbing.  When Chris comes home he loves to wrestle with Em and play ‘ball’.  Some times he tickles her on the ‘belly button’ (ok so this one sounds like ‘beeb0’ but she loves to point at it and point out other belly buttons too:).   After dinner, a bath (sometimes!), and getting ready for bed Chris reads Em a story.  Chris leaves me to rock Em ‘bye-bye dad’ and Emily goes to sleep.


It is fun to hear her talk, master new words, and babble saying who knows what for about 99% of the rest of the day!  Needless to say, we are all watching what WE say around here:)

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First Bike Ride-June 6th


For an early father’s day gift we bought a trailer for the bike so Chris can pull Emily.  Eager to enjoy the sunshine, as it has been lacking lately, we set off on a bike ride last Saturday.  Emily seemed to really enjoy the trip, so we headed off on a nice trail we used to ride on, pre-Em:) One of the directions of the trail goes to a park we like to take Emily, so we stopped there for a quick swing.


Emily was happy to load back up into her trailer, and we even heard a few giggles and ‘wheeeees’ coming from her on the way back.  Hopefully the weather perks up so we can head back out again.  Here is an action shot to end the post. 


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Let’s go to the Park! June 2009

Summer vacation has arrived and we are spending a lot of time outside.  We had been going to the park by our house for a few months, and have now decided to explore some others.  Since school is out I can head off with some of my teacher friends and their kiddos.  Emily has enjoyed the park by Jo and Camden’s house a couple of times.


She does a pretty good job of crawling up the stairs and sitting down at the top of the slide.  Then she scoots her little bottom to the edge of the slide and zooms down!  We have to catch her at the bottom:) 


She also loves to just play in the gravel or sand.  She loves to touch everything!  We have to watch her closely…she has tried to eat a couple of tasty looking rocks!  We found another park near our house, with soft sand to play with.  She is slowly getting the idea of putting the sand into the bucket.  No sand castles just yet.


No trip to the park is complete without a ride in the swing.  I am pretty sure Em is going to love riding roller coasters when she gets older.  She loves it when we push her pretty high.  Just recently she started saying ‘wheeeeee’, adorable!


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13 months-May 18th

Spring has sprung and it is almost summer!  We have been blessed with some wonderfully warm days here in Colorado over the past couple of weeks.  Everyday when I pick Emily up from day care she smells like one of my favorite scents, sunscreen!  I always tell her she smells like summer.  She loves playing outside at school and when we get home she crawls to the back door and tries to open it up!!  So we have been spending a lot of time outside. 


We are busy with our usual begining of summer projects, planting flowers in our many planters and pots, getting the grass back in shape, and working in our garden.  This year has proved to be very challangeing, balancing all of the work with watching Em and making sure she is safe.  We are busy trying to keep her hat on, reapplying sunscreen, and making sure she doesn’t eat TOO much dirt. 


Emily got a fun water table for her birthday, and we recently set it up outside.  I have to keep it pretty clean, because she likes to splash around and then lick the water from her hands, YUM!

We do have a great helper, our wonderful dog Shaw.  Emily likes to ‘throw’ the ball to him and call out to him ‘DOG!’  That keeps her a little busy.  Thanks buddy!


Now back to work in the garden!  Stay tuned for some posts about our progress on that project.  Is it summer break yet?!

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Any day now…May 3rd

Emily loves to crawl, and is super speedy.  That being the case it is taking her a while to become a walker.  She has become better at ‘cruising’ around.  She likes to use furniture, the walls, her walker, and our hands to help her walk.  To date she has taken as many as 10 steps on her own before, boom fall down!  She is just being so cautious with this whole walking thing.  I keep on telling people she will be walking any day now…and  I guess I will keep saying it for a while:)


Also on a side note, it is funny how Shaw manages to find his way into so many pictures.  I thought I wouldn’t cut him out of this one!

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Up and Down-April 26th

Ok, so I haven’t posted in a while but Em is doing a ton of stuff so I thought I would fill in those of you that don’t see her very often.  First of all I ACCIDENTALLY taught her how to climb the stairs.


2009_0426Apriltwo20090086We were playing at the park and she found a part of the playground that had a bigger run than rise (technical terms I learned while getting a degree in set design) and figured out how to pull her self up the stairs.  As soon as we got home that day, up she went.  For a while it freaked me out, and I couldn’t get anything done around the house for fear that she would topple down the stairs.  Fortunately our little Em is a very smart girl and she figured out how to turn around and head back down the stairs by herself.


Stay tuned for more updates on our brilliant little girl!


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Emily’s First Birthday-April 18th


I was super stressed about little Em’s b-day, but everything turned out perfect.  First we found out Em’s long lasting winter virus had finally turned into a full fledged double ear infection.  Then we heard one of Colorado’s famous spring storms was headed in the day before the party.  We had family coming from out of town so we set our organizational skills into high gear!  Grammy Ballon and Grandpa Warren decided to head up late (very) Thursday night instead of Friday to beat the storm.  GG Lily and GG Marty took an earlier flight from their layover in Dallas and after a scary ride back from the airport…the storm finally started to calm down.  It turned mostly into rain and just about everyone made it to our house!  Let the party begin!!


Even though Em wasn’t much help opening the gifts…she has been loving them ever since.  Thanks everyone!  So we moved onto the cake.  Much better response from Emily on this activty.  It took her a little bit to get into it, but once she did, she loved it.  Remind me next time to not get a cake with red, green, and black icing.  The lady bugs were adorable…but what a mess!


Thankfully Emily seemed to do well with her first experience with sugar.  She was a little wound up from all the activity, but when she finally went down she slept well that night.  The next day we headed to Boulder with the GG’s, Grammy Ballon, and Grandpa Warren and Emily had a little more sugar…just a taste!


We saved room for a big family dinner out at Buca de Beppo.  Emily did a great job, even though she was up a little past her bed time.  Plus she had tons of family to keep her entertained.  She feasted on bread, mozzarella cheese, and spaghetti.   What a fun birthday weekend!


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Snow Day! – March 26th and 27th


Yippeeeeee!!!!!No school for two whole days!!! And next week is spring break!! We really lucked out!!!  Plus Chris didn’t have to go into work either:)  The whole family got a snow day.


We got about 15 inches of snow in less than 24 hours.  When I woke up to get ready for school on Thursday around 5:30 it was not really even snowing.  But I heard on the radio that school was cancelled….back to bed!  By the time the whole family got up around 8, the snow was dumping down and there was already about 6 inches on the ground.  We made a quick run out to grab bagels and a sled for Em before the weather got worse. 

Of course Shaw spent some time playing outside for a while….


After Em’s nap we got her all dressed and ready to go….2009_0327marchtwo20090050

We plopped her in this cool ‘infant tobagin’ we found at K-mart!  And off we went!!  It was still coming down pretty hard, and a little cold so we just went for a short walk down the street.


It continued to snow throughout the night, and I heard around nine o’clock….schools cancelled again!!! Whoopeee!!!  We woke up the next morning to more snow, but blue skys.  After a big breakfast we decided to venture out all the way to the park.  It was a long walk (Chris pulled Em in the toboggan the whole time) but we had a great time.  2009_0327marchtwo20090060

Daddy pulled Emily up the hills!


She was laughing like crazy on the down hill runs! 


We had the park to ourselves!  Where was everyone?  To early lazy bums?:)

We went down a couple of hills and then plopped Em right into the snow.  She had a great snow suit (thanks Grammy!) and stayed warm and toasty.  The trek back was a bit harder (we were all exhausted!) but we needed to head home to put Em down for a nap.  What a fun adventure!  Will it snow for the whole spring break?  I thought I was going to work on my garden:)

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